Private Yoga Sessions

Your time on the mat

"Francesca is a special teacher, the kind of person that is meant to teach and guide. If we are fortunate, we come across such a person at various times in our lives. I did when I  decided to get back into yoga after a long time away.  She is compassionate, intuitive, technically very knowledgeable, and very spiritual - so the learning goes far beyond the poses and the movements to touch many aspects of my life. Francesca is a special human being.  The private yoga sessions have given me a great base and depth of knowledge to build upon in my practice and I will continue to use them along with group classes on my Path."

-S. McBurney

When you commit to a series of private yoga sessions, you are truly catering your experience to what you need.  Combining the philosophical with the physical, Francesca will work with you to evolve physically, and spiritually.  We will explore limitations and move past them, discover how the energetic and spiritual side of practice can benefit your development.

8 Reasons why a private yoga session might be right for you:

  • You're new to yoga and want to breakdown poses so that when class time comes around, you know how to move safely through postures with an awareness of what you should be feeling and where.
  • You want to spend more time on a particular aspect of yoga that seems to be fleeting in regular community class time.
  • You have limited time and can't seem to fit in class time when it is scheduled at studios and you enjoy doing yoga in the privacy of your own home. 
  • You want to take your practice to the next level, you want to learn more advanced poses safely under the guidance of a master yoga teacher. 
  • You are injured and want to create a practice around that injury.
  • You want to tailor a practice to the strengths and challenges of your body and mind.
  • You want to learn more about the philosophy and spiritual side of yoga.
  • You're interested in a yoga therapy session.  These are designed to meet the students’ specific needs due to illness, ageing or injury, on a physical and spiritual level.  These sessions helps individuals develop a personal practice specifically designed to rehabilitate both body and mind.

To book a session or purchase a series of sessions with Francesca, please call or text (250) 423-9672 or CLICK HERE to book online.

Francesca does her sessions in Calgary or Fernie in your home or in studio.

More comments about private yoga with Francesca:

"Achieving a calm state of mind is one of the benefits of my one-on-one yoga practise with Francesca.  She is naturally intuitive in her delivery making each session relevant to my body's needs.  I am finding that private yoga practice is an awesome way to get focused on improving my technique and it is a great start to my day.  Since I have been doing yoga with Francesca, I have experienced a deeper appreciation and respect for yoga as a practice and my own ability to find power in focus". - H. Arcega

"I turned 50 having never done yoga.  My back was chronically sore and I had a bad hip, I was talking to my doctor about a hip replacement. Then I met Francesca. I was a bit intimidated – she was a highly trained yoga instructor with 20 years of experience.  I knew nothing about yoga except it involved mats.  My sense of intimidation vanished the moment I started my first class with Francesca.  She creates an environment that is nurturing and gentle.  She is encouraging and knowledgeable and might be the most affirming person I have ever met.  I feel completely safe with her.  My poses still suck, but she never lets on, always supporting me to do better.  I leave yoga feeling relaxed and focused.  And my back and hip? Much better".  -T. Olsen