Francesca ter Poorten

Master Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Yoga and life coaching are both tools of transformation. They both work to change our perceptions of the world in a very immediate sense because they ask us to get present.  All the baggage, all the stories, everything that inhibits us from moving forward; all of that we leave that behind. 

Whether you choose a private session of yoga or a life coaching session, you will transform.  You will become more flexible mentally and physically. 

So please explore this website, learn more about Francesca and how she can help you discover the resiliance, the strength and the love of life that is all within you.

Ways to do yoga with Francesca...

  • Peruse this website to see the next spot Francesca is doing a workshop
  • Attend a yoga retreat in Fernie, Calgary or any other destination she may be heading to
  • Attend class with her in Fernie or Calgary
  • Sign up for a series of private sessions with her